What Should I Do Before 2017 Ends?

Badung, Students Tel-U — Yes, by the end of the day we’d all be like, “What else should I do before 2017 ends?

Honestly, 2017 went by so quick; The Trump inauguration along with the pros and cons, that repetition of Despacito song you couldn’t get away from, the end of Vine, the release of iPhone8 and iPhoneX, Disney buying the whole 21st Century Fox—shall I go on?

Now, we are living in the rest of what we called December. Christmas is coming, YouTube Rewind 2017 has been uploaded and upcoming artists’ tour dates have already been released! It almost felt like we only blinked once to skipped the whole year, wasn’t it? Anyway, no time to waste. Although 2017 is already coming to an end, there are still lot of things we could do—especially to fill in your unscheduled holiday.

Despite your decision on whether you agree or not to this article, here are a few things you could do to spice up the rest of 2017:

1. Look For A Job

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Obviously, this one is the one for you people who easily got bored in the holidays (and also need the extra few cash for the next semester). Perhaps some of your parents are still busy at work before they could relax in the holiday, and your siblings have their own schedules. While the poor, poor you being stuck at home, not knowing what to do, but having the thought of money at most of times. Luckily we have not had any troubles with the FCC and their rules to ban us from our net neutrality here, so you should probably check our very own Students Job category that could provide you jobs before your luck run out.

2. Travel Your Hometown

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This is a good business for your Instagram feed, isn’t it? Yes, this point is basically dedicated for you, people of Instagram! There must be plenty of places you haven’t explored in your town, especially if you live near the natural wonders like Kalimantan, East Nusa Tenggara, and even Papua. You could take pictures, upload it and show the whole wide Instagram of how cool is your hometown. Worry not for the people who live away from the green of the forest, or blue of the ocean; great, local restaurants and cafés are always there to save you from a boring holiday. They’re not always expensive, yet still Instagram-able. You know the place. You’re probably thinking about it now. Just go out and greet the world now, kid.

3. Movie Marathon

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If this article could scream, it would. Movie-marathons is always the option to fill up the holidays, especially in December. You could watch movies or series which have been released during the whole 2017 and that is a good thing. There are lots of incredible movies and series in any genre that came out this year, not to mention from our own beloved country, Indonesia. With its achievement as the most-watched Indonesian horror movie in the modern era so far; Pengabdi Setan (Satan’s Slave) must enter your list of must-watch movies. If you hate horrors, and prefer actions of Hollywood’s made, the funny yet action-packed Kingsman: The Golden Circle might be a choice. Other than that, you could always find out cool series from Netflix like Stranger Things, or perhaps Marvel’s very own series The Punisher. Flashbacks to your favorite K-Dramas aren’t a problem either; there’s always another good day to re-watch Descendants of The Sun!

4. Learn Something New

Fill your holiday with knowledge, kids. Learn doing something new, it could be anything; learn to cook with your Momma, learn to play a new musical instrument, learn a new language. Who would get the advantage if you have the ability to cook a great Beef Lasagna, play 12 musical instruments and speak the snake language next semester, right? Your friends and lecturer might grow more and more fond of you by your new talents later. Who knows?!

(source: tumblr)

There goes the whole recommendations for you kiddos that kills to find an activity to do in this year’s holiday. Try one of them (or all of them!!) and comment your holiday progress below. May the rest of your 2017 are blessed with joy, wealth and health! (IVG)

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