A #TropicEscape From AWSM FSTVL

Bandung,  Students Tel-U– The Second AWSM FSTVL will bring you a thematic tropical festival by HMBTI. It’s not just a music festival, we will bring you all the best talents for you all, you can feel the chill and fun in here, create a memories with us here in AWSM FSTVL!

A Thematic Festival Presented by HMBTI

AWSM FSTVL bring you all to feel #tropicescape journey with beach vibes, chill and relax feeling in Bandung! Introducing our line up in alphabetical order :
-Dipha Barus
-Teza Sumendra
-The Overtunes
-White Shoes & The Couples Company
We’ll see you on December 3rd, 2016 at Secapa AD, Hegarmanah, Bandung!
or you can find our official ticket boxes around Bandung.
Get ready to experience tropical festival with a lot of great food and fashion tenant! also you can feel Chill Place in here!
#awsmfstvl #awsmpeople #tropicescape

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