Avengers: Infinity War and The Thrill of It All

Bandung, Students Tel-U — It’s been an everlasting dream for any superhero fans to watch a live-action movie of their mighty heroes become the earth’s ultimate army to fight the baddest villain of all. From kids to adults, this superfan feelings of watching superhero movies just won’t ever go away. Now here we are on the year of 2018, only days away from the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, where our everlasting dream finally becomes a reality.

The excitement for the movie itself started way back since October 2014, when Marvel announced a two-part sequel for Avengers: Age of Ultron, entitled Avengers: Infinity War Part I and Part 2 which probably what everyone’s been calling by Avengers 4 (since no one from the crew or cast or even Marvel itself reveals the title yet). The next year, Marvel told everyone that the Russo Brothers (Joe and Anthony Russo) would direct both parts of the movie, which was expected to begin filming on 2016. Last year, we were enriched by finally knowing that they have already filmed the movie. And who would ever forget that time on San Diego Comic Con International, where they gave the ultimate teaser of Infinity War by the D23 Expo! By then, Avengers: Infinity War became more popular than ever, with over 90,000 new conversations on social media from July 17-23, according to comScore.

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By becoming one of the most anticipated movie of the year, Avengers: Infinity War has no plan to reveal a single storyline to anyone, anywhere. The screening preview at the D23 Expo? It was a time-limited preview done by the Russo Brothers, to prevent spoilers. The first trailer which successfully gained 250 million views on its first 24 hour release also did not even explain anything about the storyline, except the heavily-featured set of Wakanda. The cast? They were given a fake script with twisted endings. “We wrote fake pages for the script, we distributed pages. None of the actors have actually read the entire script, the real script. Very few people actually know what’s going to happen in the movie,” Joe Russo shared with Kinowetter. This, probably, happened because back then, spoilers were truly everywhere, from anyone, even the casts themselves; such as Tom Holland (Spiderman) and Mark Rufallo (Hulk). Each of them accidentally spoiled a few little things about the movie from Instagram and Facebook Live. “We can divulge nothing at this point. We worked really hard to protect the secrets of the movie because this is the end of ten years of storytelling and I think a lot of people [have] emotionally invested quite a bit into the Marvel Universe, so we want to make sure they have the best experience they can have when they go in to see the movie,” Joe Russo added.

Avengers: Infinity War is scheduled to have its world premiere at Los Angeles on April 25th, 2018. The movie’s worldwide release is set on April 27th, 2018, yet premiered on April 25th on selected countries, including Indonesia. With the movie still has not been released yet, Fandango reported that within 6 hours, Avengers: Infinity War has successfully achieved the largest initial 24-hour ticket pre-sales for a superhero film, passing the Black Panther movie record. Infinity War has also sold more tickets in its first pre-sales day than Black Panther sold in its first month, according to Atom Tickets.

In less than 10 days, we are able to see the most anticipated movie of all time on our favorite theatres in Indonesia. One could only imagine how crowded the theatres must be, with full excitement and thrills (or even tears?) over the movie. Joe Russo also added: “We really feel like this is one people need to see quickly before anybody spoils it for them.”

So, have you bought your tickets yet?!?!?!?! (IG)

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