Set Up Your Life Goals with Fun Methods!

Bekasi, Students Tel-U – Happy New Year! Do you make any list of 2018 resolutions? Normal people will do. And no problem for you to do the same way. Essentially, people would want themselves to be better day by day. So why don’t you try?

Some motivators said, to reach our goals we need to plan specifically and it’s better for us to visualize it. Or when you try to struggle to break your bad habits, you need to change it with positive activities until it becomes your new good habits. But it might be tricky for some people. Some people may also have no time to do or just couldn’t be disciplined on their own plans. Does it also happen to you?

If the answer is yes, then I will give three recommendation productivity applications that can help you to solve your new year resolution problems.

1. Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks
Habitica is productivity app which can help you to develop yourself better. Habitica is made in the form of the game that can help you to organize your plans and motivate you to do all your plans. As they said in their jargon “Gamify Your Tasks“, they came with the cool interface, it won’t make you boring to complete the mission that actually is your daily tasks.

Source: Playstore

You have a role as a game character to accomplish all missions. Your missions are complete your habits dream, daily goals, and your to-do-list. When you have done all your tasks, your avatar automatically levels up and some features such as having pets, increasing skills and even quests are unlocked and can be accessed.

Source: Playstore

But, if you don’t do the tasks your level will decrease and it will affect your avatar’s health. And you have to defeat the monsters with friends to keep each other accountable.

2. EpicWin – RPG style to-do list
This application is not much different with Habitica application. But, the graphic that they served is so much better. The fantasy setting look, the sounds and the background music of this apps make all your daily task to do turns into an epic quest.

Source: Playstore

You can choose your avatar with 5 available characters with their own skills to represent who you are when you’ll be running your quest later on. After that, you can make a to-do list with the alarm and score set up, and you can determine how many repetitions this task shall complete. We can also divide the tasks into 5 categories; strength, stamina, spiritual, intellect and social. And another innovative feature is loot feature as a map, it could show your path (completed missions) which you have passed over.

3. Do It Now – RPG To Do List
Released with the same base functions from the two application before, this application helps you to track your personal growth with the good management system who organizes your everyday tasks and develops your virtual self along with skill, characteristic and level ups. But, the design is too simple.

Source: Playstore

Do It Now application has the various themes that you could custom. Besides that, it has home screen widget that makes easily accessible. It also translated into some languages; English, Ukrainian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Finnish.

For your additional information, these applications are totally free. You can download it from Google Play Store and App Store. Make your new year resolutions as your cool life achievement in 2018 with it! Perhaps these applications also could motivate you more to accomplish all your goals. (Aul)

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