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Sepenggal Kisahku di Mainland China

Global Community Development Program Report. 

Satya Wicaksana MukhlisinAIESEC FDU, Shanghai, Mainland of China

About Me

Ok let me introduce myself. My name is Satya Wicaksana Mukhlisin, people usually call me “Satya” or “Enong”. It’s up to you which name do you want to use to call me. Now I’m studying at Telkom University, taking major of Industrial Engineering. My major is quite difficult, but interesting. In AIESEC, I was taking role as OC Finance at TFS SOCEP Project. For the first time, I’m hesitate to take this exchange because my project still running. But my OCP said that it’s okay and I must take this opportunity. Ok that’s all for my introduction, now let’s start the journey!

DTD  Winter Camp

My feeling is a little bit nervous when I started my flight to China. Because this is my first time  to go abroad without my parents. But I thought it will be okay because I have remembered about some important think in BGYC and I  thought that I won’t be alone when I arrive in China, there will be new friends there. I arrived in Pudong International Airport at 2 am. The weather is so cold outside because it’s still winter. I stayed in a hotel nearby airport to take a rest. My body was so tired, it made me sleep too long. At the  first time, there was a misunderstanding. A volunteer (I didn’t know when and where she come). She was just angry with me in Chinese, I didn’t know what she talked about because I haven’t known that I will be picked up by volunteer here, but I know that she was angry because she was  waiting  for long time. So I prepare my stuff and she picked me to subway. In the evening, I had dinner in Welcoming Party for EPs. In the Party, I met some OCs, Abe, Kathy, Tiffany, Chris, Bruce and others. They are from FDU. After that I slept at Green Tree Hotel.

The next day, I Went to Fengxian District to prepared for the project. This project is teaching children in school. After I arrived at hotel, I met the other EPs from different country. There were Kar Mun (from Malaysia), Nirali (from India), Beth (from Australia), and Mulia (from Indonesia). In the night we and the OCs made a plan for DTD Winter Camp. In the meeting, the OCs said that we had to make a Roll Call Dance but no one knows about that. I little bit remember that in BGYC, when they heard that they asked me to demonstrated it. A bit nervous, but I tried to made Roll Call Dance as long as I know.After we made a plan, we thought about movements for Roll Call Dance.

The next day, we will face this project for 5 days. The school that we were going to teach is Fengxian Fushan Foreign Language Primary School. After we arrived there, we had an opening ceremony. We performed our Roll Call Dance (which is made by myself) and fortunately every kids are interested with our performance. In project, there were so many experiences that I will not forget. From this project I became to know that teacher’s job is so hard, especially for children teacher. Because it’s totally different when we face old student and young student. I met so many cute  kids  in the school, but I also met bad and very bad kids there. So many things that we got, we face a hard moment and nice moment with the kids. After five days, finally we finished the project. The day before closing ceremony, I taught Class C about my Roll Call dance because in the next day every class must perform in the closing ceremony.

We had a Closing party in the school and we had a roll call dance with the children. It was sad moment when children said “xiexie laoshi” to us before we go. It means that they said thank you to us. Overall, this LC FDU is very help for and responsible. It was proven by their performance during this project. After that, we Met Mr. Shu (NGO officer) and we are treated by him for lunch. He is very kind and we were taught some culture in Shanghai, such as when they want to drink, they usually said “Gallah!” and they have to drink until finished, interesting culture. After that, we prepared for next project, Historic Red Wings.


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